HVAC Emergency

Freezers and refrigerators are important appliances to have but they also consume a lot of energy hence increasing your energy costs. You can improve the efficiency of your refrigeration for home use by employing the following practices

Protect your fridge from power surge

Refrigeration system protectors such as power surge protectors help to ensure your refrigerators or any other electronics in your home are not affected by the disruption of electric current. So, you can improve the efficiency of your refrigerator and other appliances in the home by installing a power surge protector which allows you to plug different appliances in one outlet.

Keep the coils clean

The coils are prone to dust. When they are clogged in dust, the cooling process won’t be efficient. To improve their efficiency and the life expectancy of the refrigerator, it is wise to vacuum clean the coils regularly.

Do not overstock the fridge

Overstocking a fridge will hinder its efficiency because the cool temperatures won’t be able to circulate well, at the same time an empty fridge is also not effective. Find a way to strike a balance, do not put too much in and at the same time do not leave so many spaces in the fridge.

Clean the water filter

Water filters in your refrigerator or freezer provide you with better-tasting water. If not well taken care of, they can clog causing stains and odor in your water and ice. The solution is changing and cleaning the water filters once in a while. Take note; when cleaning the water filter make sure to turn off the water valves and remove the reservoirs before you start cleaning.

Schedule professional inspection and maintenance

Having your refrigeration system inspected and maintained regularly helps eliminate problems when they are still repairable. A technician will check the temperature inside, he will also analyze the functionality of your refrigeration system by checking the compressor, the motor, and fan for any problems.                                         

Adhering to timely tune-ups for your refrigeration system will help you avoid premature replacements plus it will keep your refrigerator running for a long time.            

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