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Commercial buildings can be crowded and ventilating these spaces should be on your priority list. This is to provide healthy air for breathing and for diluting the indoor pollutants and expelling them outside.

Here are the tips to improve air quality of your ventilation system

  • Increase air flow

Most commercial buildings are crowded so it is wise to increase air flow, you can increase the air flow by continuously running the blower motor. This won’t increase your energy bills, instead it will improve the indoor air quality by reducing carbon dioxide levels inside the building.

You can also invest in air handling units. These are the best ways to ensure good air quality in commercial ventilation systems as they increase the circulation of air flow in the building.

  • Retrofitting

You can also retrofit your existing HVAC system with energy recovery ventilators. These ventilators help minimize energy loss by transferring heat from warm exhaust air to cold supply air.

  • Invest in air purifiers

For a cleaner air and healthy environment, improve your ventilation system by adding air purifiers. Air purifiers help remove particulates from the air while some types can be used to kill bacteria in the air.

  • Clean and replace your air filters occasionally

Dust and other pollutants are likely to accumulate in the air filters of your HVAC system. You can help these air filters perform their function by regularly cleaning them and replacing them when need be.

  • Keep the building clean

This is an obvious intervention; a clean environment keeps off pollutants and contributes to an improved indoor air quality. You can also invest in the use of vacuum cleaners’ equipment to help keep dust and other pollutants from recirculating into the building

Regular maintenance of the HVAC system highly contributes to improved indoor air quality within commercial buildings. Always ensure to seek professional tune-ups of your HVAC system. 

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