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air conditioner units

For a commercial air conditioning system to work properly and adequately, AC maintenance and inspection is highly recommended. As a business owner you ought to do a periodic inspection and also acquire professional AC system inspection at least twice a year.

So, what will your technician look at?

Before diving into a full inspection, your technician will clean your AC system and give a recommendation of what needs repair. Below are some of the parts the inspector will look at.

  1. The thermostat settings

    The thermostat is the brain of your system, it dictates the temperature of your system, it allows the system to cool or heat when necessary. The technician will check if the thermostat is properly installed not anywhere around heat sources. Usually, the problems that arise from the AC unit are due to a thermostat malfunction.

  2. Refrigerant lines

    The technician will check if there are any leaks from the refrigerant. Refrigerant leaks can cause problems with the moving parts of your HVAC system so the leaks ought to be fixed asap.

  3. The air handlers

    Your HVAC technician will check for any signs of damage, corrosion or microbial growth in the air handlers and motor blower. They will also check if the blower still measures the right voltage. In case they find damage, they will make necessary repairs.

  4. Air ducts and filters

    Ducts and filters are prone to dust, the technician will check for presence of energy loss from the ducts and signs of clogging from the air filters, he will then clean them up. Your technician might also recommend better filters or filtration systems for your HVAC system.

Your HVAC system contributes to a significant amount of energy costs if not properly taken care of. So, to keep it functioning efficiently, you need to schedule professional maintenance and inspection, because it will save you big time. If you need AC repair, maintenance or AC installations in Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia, Frontline Mechanical Services, Inc is your one stop shop for all your HVAC services. Call us today.