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Ventilation contributes hugely to how comfortable and homely your house is. But opening windows and doors for fresh air is not enough. You need more structural ventilation systems that are fully functioning. And again, for this ventilation system to keep functioning properly, you have to do regular maintenance. 

So, what are the ways of maintaining your residential ventilation systems

  • Inspect ventilation filters

Inspect your filters for blockage by dirt. A dirty filter does slow down the air flow making the system work much harder. Filter replacement should be done at least twice in a year especially in the most active months- summer and winter. 

  • Clean the air ducts

The air quality of your home is often affected by the state of your air ducts. Cleaning your air duct ensures that you have quality indoor air and it also reduces maintenance and repair costs for your ventilation system.

  • Check for signs of debris or animal habitat

Intake vents and exhaust vents are prone to animal infestation and debris. As you do your regular clean ups, check for these organisms and clean the vents. Vent cleaning will improve the air flow in and out of your home.

  • Make sure the system is in good working condition

This will include checking for signs of damage in the vents, exhaust fans etc., and make immediate repairs.  These damages and faults are not easily spotted by anybody. Thus you need to seek professional help to identify all areas at fault so they can make necessary repairs.

  • Schedule regular inspection and maintenance services

In order to keep your ventilation system in good working condition, regularly have a professional carry out tune ups of your system. This is much more beneficial than doing them yourself. Your HVAC technician will check your entire Ventilation system and notify you of any necessary repairs to be done.

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