HVAC Emergency

For effective and efficient functioning of your residential air conditioning unit, maintenance ought to be mandatory. 

Here is a 5 step guide on how to maintain your AC                

  • Clean the air ducts and occasionally change the air filters

Dust particles tend to attach themselves to the surface of air ducts and this can cause strain on the AC. In order to enhance the performance, air ducts should be cleaned on a regular basis.

Air filters on the other hand ensure that the air you breathe is well circulated. You can do a routine replacement of clogged air filters to better the quality of air.  

  • Clean the coils

Both condenser coil and evaporator coil are prone to collecting dirt. But with regular cleaning of your filters, the evaporator coil will not get dirty quickly.

Condenser coils are located outside the house making them highly susceptible to dust and debris. You can minimize dirt and debris from clogging the coil fins by keeping away any potential sources such as lawnmower, dryer vent, and falling leaves away from the AC unit. Always use a blower to suck out the dirt and clean the areas around the coil.  

  • Ensure the AC fan is in proper working condition

For an AC unit to cool the room, the fan has to properly function. If you hear weird sounds coming from the AC unit, then there must be a problem with the AC fan. So, call an expert to examine your unit.

  • Carry out a regular inspection of the condensate drain

For condensation to happen, the condensate drain has to be fully functional. So if clogged, drainage will stop and this is a problem you can’t handle on your own. Calling an expert to inspect and repair it is the best solution. 

  • Acquire professional maintenance 

A dysfunctional AC unit consumes a lot of energy hence increasing your electricity bills. So always make sure your AC unit gets servicing so as to enhance its operational performance. 

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