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Commercial refrigerators represent a significant financial investment for most businesses. In addition, they are operationally essential. Given the high cost of refrigeration repairs and replacements, it’s important to properly maintain them to ensure they serve you for the longest possible time.

Performing semi-annual inspections and conducting maintenance on a routine basis is the best way to keep your refrigerator in great shape.

Here’s a maintenance checklist that can work for your commercial refrigeration.

  1. Clean the condenser coil regularly

Most manufacturers would recommend cleaning the condenser coil once every three months with specific cleaning tips. If left dirty or rusty, it may prove difficult to maintain temperature, which may lead to overheating and component failure.

  1. Consistently clean the interior and the exterior

A weekly thorough cleaning of your commercial refrigerator goes a long way to ensure its efficiency.

  1. Check the gaskets, door hinges and latches

Checking the seals around the doors of your refrigeration units is a simple process that can save you money and energy. Just like damaged gaskets, broken or misaligned door hinges and latches will allow warm air to seep into the refrigeration unit.  Always check these pieces to ensure the equipment is functioning.

  1. Professional maintenance

Some maintenance tips need specialized equipment and specific training. And that’s why it’s recommended that you have a professional commercial refrigeration expert to conduct routine maintenance.

Here are some of the things an expert will do;

  • Check overall compressor operation
  • Check control wiring and electrical connections
  • Check levels of refrigerant
  • Check oil levels
  • Pressure clean drain lines
  • Check fan motors and blades

There’s a lot of benefits that come with regular maintenance of your refrigeration system. In case you spot any potential issue during your routine maintenance, give us a call at Frontline Mechanical Services Inc for all your refrigeration system repair and maintenance. We proudly serve the community of Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia.