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A/C Units

Everyone needs warmth during winter. This has been made possible by the presence of different and unique types of heating systems available in the market today. 

While heating systems cost more money and energy than any other system in the home, you can always save money and reduce environmental emissions by proper maintenance and upgrading your system with recommended insulation, air sealing and proper thermostat settings.

Let’s check out the various home heating systems 

  1. Forced air HVAC systems
    These are common in most American homes. They use a combination of furnaces and blower fans to distribute warm air throughout the various rooms in the house with the help of a network of ducts. These systems are efficient as they also share air conditioning systems within them.
  2. In-floor or under-floor heating systems
    These systems are new but quickly gaining popularity. They work efficiently by distributing heat evenly through a series of cables placed under finished flooring. Though they provide comfort, their installation can be quite expensive. Their source of energy can either be gas, oil, electricity and even solar.
  3. Heating radiators
    Radiator systems are found in older homes and apartments. They use boilers to generate hot water or steam which is circulated throughout the walls to the outside. These older versions are inefficient but there are new versions today that are low maintenance, efficient and they use natural fuel such as propane, electricity, gas or oil.
  4. Heat pumps
    Heat pumps are the newest. They work by drawing heat from the air and circulating it into the home via special indoor air handlers. The good thing is you can switch it up into air conditioning systems anytime their only drawback is they only work best in mild climates.
  5. Electric resistance heating systems
    These heating systems can be very expensive because of the high cost of electricity but they can be an ideal option for heating basements. They are easy to install because they need no ductwork, pumps or any air handlers.

Being one of the crucial equipment to have, residential heating systems require high maintenance. If you are having problems with your heating system or you need a new one, call Frontline Mechanical Services, Inc for easy installation and repair in Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia.