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No one wants their customers to suffer from foodborne illnesses caused by improper storage. That’s precisely why you need an ideal commercial refrigeration to prevent such kinds of incidences.

Here’s all you need to know about commercial refrigeration and best for your restaurant, cafeteria, bar, deli or any other commercial foodservice operations.

What is commercial refrigeration?

Commercial refrigeration is basically the cooling and freezing units used in commercial settings. It is a crucial part of any food service operation. Without it, you might end up throwing bags and bags of food in the trash can.

Which type of commercial refrigeration do you need?

There’s a wide variety of commercial refrigeration systems in the market today.

Below are some you need to know about;

  • Reach-in refrigerators

They are the most popular solutions for storing perishable products. These kinds of refrigerators are available with one, two, or three sections.

  • Walk-in coolers

Coolers are essentially room-sized refrigerators or freezers. They are best for bulk storage of perishable goods and are available in standard or custom configurations.

  • Undercounter refrigerators

They are best for adding cold storage in a small space. When purchasing an undercounter refrigerator, it is always important to know to know the height of your existing counter because it will determine the unit you need to purchase.

  • Back Bar coolers

These are designed to hold beverages in bottles and cans. They are more aesthetically pleasing than undercounter refrigerators and can be designed in several different ways.

  • Bottle coolers

Another type of commercial refrigeration is a bottle cooler. It is best for chilling bottles and cans when merchandising isn’t needed.

A useful tip on refrigeration; when there’s no electricity you can always use ice to keep the beverages cool. The downside is this can only with a few bottles or not so bulky amount of food.

Do you need a technician?

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